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About Us

At Hoxton Academy, our aim is to change lives by training the next generation of Software Engineers and help companies find and retain top-quality talent.

Hoxton Academy is a London-based online education company that enables individuals to start their career in tech as Junior Full-Stack Engineers in just 6 months.

We find incredible people and teach them how to code, collaborate, communicate and learn new skills to become highly valuable tech professionals.

For Students

As a Hoxton Academy student, your tuition will be fully funded. This means you will not only be able to complete the course for free, but you will also have a job guaranteed by your sponsor upon graduation.

Scholarship Cost for Students: FREE OF CHARGE

All you have to do is apply, pass the admission process and commit to our 6-month full-time course.

For Companies

Finding the right talent is hard, and once you've found them, making them stay can be even harder. At Hoxton Academy, we know this, and we have designed our programme with this in mind. So let us take care of finding and training the best talent for your company.

After just 6 months, graduates will be ready to start a 2-year contract with you and provide value from day one.

Scholarship Costs

Minimum scholarships per year:


Graduate contract:

2 Years

Cost per graduate:


A world class education

Hoxton has a team of world-class educators who in the past trained developers for the likes of Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, Yoox, Luxxotica in a similar format. Additionally, students will be lectured from professors from the leading UK universities such as UCL, Oxford and Cambridge University.

We select our instructors based on three metrics: professional experience, passion for teaching, and empathy. It's essential that our instructors come from a background of multiple years of experience as a developer so they can pass on their knowledge to our students. Every cohort has a dedicated team of instructors, so students feel constantly supported throughout the day.


Programme Dates

May 2022

Second Cohort Start

Starts in May 2022

Ends in October 2022

Turning You into a Developer in 6 Months

Course hours: The course is online and full-time.


Companies that have already committed to offer scholarships this year.