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Is this program right for me?

If you are looking to start your career in software development, this is the right choice for you. The program consists of a 6-month long training course where we will teach you how to program from scratch, and a 2-year contract with a company in Albania or Kosovo at the end. This means that, after just 30 months, you will have had your training plus 2 whole years of experience as a software developer under your belt, giving you all the tools you need to have a very successful career ahead of you.

What is the total length of the course?

The course itself lasts 6 months, with a 2-year contract with a company in Albania or Kosovo after graduation. So, in total, you will have to commit a total of 30 months of training plus work.

Will there be any fees?

You can pay for the course directly at £6K + VAT (£7.2K) or you can apply for a scholarship. If you get a scholarship, a company will be sponsoring your application. This means you will not have to pay for course itself as long you commit to the duration of the course and the work contract. There will be fees for leaving early, detailed in your contract, so make sure that you can commit the time to finish the program.

What will be the salary upon graduation?

Your starting net monthly salary will be 500 EUR for the first year and 600 EUR for the second. The starting salary is net and already includes any deductions made for the sponsorship by the company.

Who will own the code I write?

Throughout the training period, you will be entitled to own any work that you do outside of working ours. After graduation, each company will have their own specific intellectual property clause with regards to the work you perform throughout your contract, as usual.

What happens to an unsuccessful student at the end of the course?

Throughout the course, we will be helping you and grading your work, so there won't be any surprises at the end of the course. With plenty of support from your instructors, as long as you attend and dedicate yourself to learning, your chances of failing are very low. In the rare case of not making it, we will let you know in advance and there will be no fees incurred, as long as you have attended 90% of the lectures and completed at least 90% of the tasks.

What happens if my company decides to end my contract after graduation?

We want the best for you. So, even after graduation, Hoxton Academy will be mediating if there are any issues between you and your company, helping you get a fair outcome.